Lessons from this week...

Great Sunday Evening!

Well another weekend is closing and I have learned quite a few things about running a business and dealing with other businesses. 

1. Over the past few weeks I have been reaching out to various businesses to hire them to complete a few projects for more. One of the businesses responded after 10 days and the other one kept flaking in and out. I had an exchange with both businesses about their timeliness and their responses were rather tacky. So. I moved on. I will not give my money to no business that doesn't respect my time. 

Namely I will give a proper shout out to Jonathan Keitt in Charlotte, NC. For the last five years I have worked with him, he has always been professional and timely in business. Never late and respects the craft. I can't say that about every photographer I have worked with, but I can say that about him. 

2. Ive learned from my first random Periscope stream, that many people will simply watch what you do, but never in a million years, offer support, yet they assume support should be given. 

3. I have moved out of my old studio in Rock Hill, SC. I loved that place, but I wanted the space to moonlight as part time rental for others it there were just a few too many strikes for me to do that. So, I found something in Charlotte, NC. It is not beautiful at all, but I the fact that I get to transform it as best as I can. While I enjoyed having a workspace closer to my home, I knew it was important to be in the city to attract more clients. 

So I am EXCITED and those of you who have supported financially throughout the years will received a special invitation to the launch party!

4. I came across an article where a guy is selling potatoes with messages on them and he is sending them anon to people when you order them. He also clear $10,000 a month in profit. Apparently there are two things going on here. The first thing is, business ideas dont have to be extremely elaborate and the second thing is, people will pay for anything. 

5. Finally I learned that it is okay to talk to your close friends about what you want to do as a next business move, because you often need a trusted source to give you sound advice. 

Don't forget about my ALL WHITE Jazz Dinner happening in two weeks! 
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