Dinner Party Prep with Laurie Louis

When it comes to dinner parties I am the best at throwing them. So when Laurie Louis reached out for me to become a brand ambassador, I knew immediately it was the perfect match, because I always need elegant menu cards, name cards and gift tags for my guests and Laurie the best selection of so many of these items. 
Laurie has a complete collection of various styles from nautical to, anchors to lobster, but of course my favorite was the Black and White stripes with the gold borders. I think most people think dinner parties are mostly bright colors and flowers, but they can be muted and sophisticated.
For this particular dinner party prep, I am going with my signature colors Black and White and I found this gray linen fabric that I think would look amazing as a table covering. I may change my mind a bit later on, but for sure this is the scheme and these stripe cards, (which you can find HERE), will be used.
I love to mix my vintage dinnerware with more modern pieces to bring everything together. I am not exactly sure how many will be attending this particular dinner, but if you are in the DC area, I will be hosting one of many dinner events and you can find all of the information HERE.

Outside of that, if you need some amazing cards, tags and even some LUCITE BUCKETS, but sure to head over to Laurie Louis and get a few things for yourself. I promise, you will be glad you did.

So what are you picking up? Dont forget to sign up to get 10% OFF your order!

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