Designer of the Weekend: August 19th

I have saved a number of images onto my PINTEREST boards many times, not having full knowledge of who the creator or the designer is. So, the more I start searching, the more familiar I become with design styles and eventually I end up connecting a space to its designer. Such is the case

Dining Room Updates: The Chairs

After about seven months, I finally have dining chairs. It would not have taken this long if I remained focused on completing my dining area.  During the process of pulling my dining area together, I started and stopped. I got frustrated and excited. I was even bored, but I finally made the decision to add a proper table and chairs to the dining area. I didn't share the process simply because many of the chairs I wanted were limited at local stores and I didn't want to lose them based on someone buying them from my post. It has happened before, and I didn't want it to happen again.

Before I show you the chairs, let me walk you through what happened.

Top 10 GUCCI Shoes Every Well Dressed Man Needs

When it comes to dress shoes, Gucci is actually a brand I never consider. Most of their shoes always gave off a more casual feel to me. At least until I laid eyes on the 2016 Fall Collection. Now I will say there were a few shoes in the 2015 line up that were impressive. There are a few other cost friendly dress show brands I prefer such as MEZLAN and MAGNANNI. If you are like me and want to always be classically dressed, here are my top 10 (well more than 10) shoe picks from Gucci's 2016 Fall Collection 

Which one of these really grabbed you?

Designer Of The Week: August 1st

I love coming across fellow designers that aren't trendy. In my opinion, masculine designs seems to always be timeless. While browsing INSTAGRAM last week, one of the accounts I follow, posted a photo of an amazing desk area. The chair was white with a gold gilded wood. Of course, I was immediately drawn to it. After checking out the designer online portfolio, I realized I just recently saved one of his dining rooms to my inspiration boards on PINTEREST. His portfolio is full of amazing spaces I think you will really enjoy.

25 Summer Cocktails

Ladies and Gentlemen. Its hot. I know its the dead heat of summer, but it is very hot. I dont go outside after 9am. lol. If where you live is as hot as where I am in the South, then these cocktail recipes should cool you off, even if but just a moment. ENJOY!

The Perfect Apartment

As you know I have recently started trying to get my apartment back into tip top shop and I have sourced some great items online as well as from the thrift store. Before tackling my apartment I went

25 Elegant Dining Room

My dining room has taken a pause. Why? Because I cannot seem to track down any dining chairs that I really am drawn to. I am scouring craigslist and the thrift stores and there is a lot of hit and misses. I want all of the chairs to be the same. I do not like mismatched chairs around my dining table. I like symmetry and order.

Luxe Fabric for $1.50 a yard

I went out to one of my favorite thrift stores this week. I hadnt been in quite a while because I have been saving my money. When I did venture out, I saw a sign that stated 50% off everything. This is a great sale, because the fabrics are normally $6 a yard or less. When I saw prices were slashed iI immediately started going through their stash to see what I could find. 

Designer of the Week: July 20th

Well its more like the Blue Blue House, but I needed a catchy title for this blog post. While I was

17 Copper Pieces for Your Home

When it comes to decorating my place, I prefer brass and chrome as my accent pieces. Lately (and especially after find THESE), copper and rose gold have been on my lookout list. So in my searching, I came across some pretty great copper pieces for the home.