Dinner Party at Home (The Series)

 Hosting an intimate dinner party at home can be daunting sometimes. However, if you have the right 

Saturday Style

I was IG stalking and came across these images from a profile based out of Russia (or so I believe it to be Russian). I do believe all of these are renderings, but in the event that they are not, do enjoy these amazing interior photos. Should they in fact only be renderings, save them to your portfolio for later. 

10 Lessons Ive Learned This Week (April 29th)

Happy Sunday Everyone! These last few weeks have certainly been interesting. With interesting moments come various life lessons. Keep reading to see how a few of these lessons are shaping my current life. 

DINE: All White Dinner

I flew up to Baltimore earlier this month to assist a client friend with the one of his event that he hosts in his home. Opening up your home to guests and sometimes complete strangers says a lot about you. One thing is notes is that you are willing to share a part of your private life with others and that you care enough of them to invite them to share that part of your life with them. 

Although my time was very limited in the city, I did manage to create an amazing experience for him and his guests. 

Friday Finds: $40 Grand Piano

It is always interesting to see what people donate to the thrift store. 

5 Lessons I Learned This Week (Feb 25th)


This past week I started looking at small spaces to make a transition from the Charlotte area to the

Saturday Style: Tweed and Navy

February, has started off as a great month. A few unsolved mysteries, but for the most part there is direction and clarity and direction for the remaining months of 2018. I have set some small goes and I met each of them. Meeting these goals, if nothing else, gives me the fortitude to push just a bit harder to go a little further. For the most part, I am really trying to find my way BAC to doing many of the things I loved to do and many of the things that bring in a consistent source of income. Believe it or not, in order the thrift and throw fabulous parties, you need money. For many years I failed to ensure I had my basis covered, but now I can honestly say I am okay with doing whats necessary and using my spare time to live out many of my passion projects. 
I wear both custom and vintage suits. The one thing that really moves a suit forward is the shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit. It is also important to note shoes of good quality are not cheap. 

5 Thoughts from this week (Feb 4th)

1. Its Okay to Slow Down, Just Don't Stop

As I look back over many years of doing many things, I realized I sort of stopped and in many cases, I gave up. There are always reason why things happen. However, none of these reasons are sufficient

10 Lessons from this week (Jan 28th)

So I went to one of my favorite southern restaurants on Sunday to eat. I hadnt been there in maybe a month so I was really excited about indulging in some Macaroni and Cheese and Fried Chicken. The food is really good. I have been going there for many years. After eating my lunch (overeating really), I decided to do some shopping for a few items for the business (www.RashonCarraway.com). About 10 minutes after I left the restaurant,


My dear friend turned 35 this past December and for six months he has been dropping all types of hints about what he wanted his brunch to look like. As an event designer and a specialist in dinner parties I listened him, but gave no clues as to what I was going to do for him. His main request was lots of colorful flowers. Well, it is safe to say that is exactly what he received.

Take a look at how I created a LUSH BIRTHDAY BRUNCH for him. 
If you are interested in having the team create something special for you, please email me at rashon@rashoncarraway.com.