Inexpensive Framed Archectural Prints

When I uploaded this video to my INSTAGRAM PAGE, quite a few of my followers sent messages asking me why I didn't have any photos in my picture frames. So, I decided I needed to find a quick solution.  I am waiting to get some photos printed, but in the meantime, I used a tried and true method of framing pages from a book. 

in progress

There will always be the NEXT perfect pillow, perfect accessory to locate when decorating a home. It  can be really problematic when you are constantly surrounded by design elements. even though there is so many pieces to choose from, sometimes you just have to make a decision and go with it.

So here is my living room in progress.

I should have bought it, but I didnt

A few months ago I spotted a damaged coffee table in a store. I'm not even sure the store manager knew it was damaged until I brought it to her attention, even still I wanted it, but felt like the discounted price was far too low. In my opinion half of the table was missing. Did I still want it? Yes, but I could have used the extra money to get it fixed.

Well let move forward to today. I didn't buy the coffee table and I cant find anything I like in the store and honestly, don't have the energy to bounce around thrift stores to find one, so online is where my need has taken me. 

What I am looking for is a coffee table that is rectangular or a large square, mirrored or glass and has a black metal. Here are a few of my selections for coffee tables I like, but why they are exactly what I am looking for. 

Bookcase Update

After I had my bookcase installed late last year, I immediately started styling them. While I was working on a previous project, I found some architectural elements that I thought would look great in my bookcase. Unfortunately, I bought all they had for my client, so I was eager to get back to my local store to see if they had any in. Luckily, they had four and they fit perfectly into my bookcase.

10 Steps to Decorating a Room for $250!

TRAVEL: New York (36 Hours)

One of the goals for 2017 that I set for myself was to travel more. The main goal should have been to

New Mirror

Shopping at thrift stores for me is not about the low prices. It it more about the unique and awesome finds I come across. Yesterday I popped into Goodwill and I spotted this mirror and I decided not to get it because it wasn't the right price. When I got home, I did starting thinking about the mirror and a few places I could possibly put it. I then asked on InstaGram Stories, if I should get it or not. Overwhelming, they said yes. So this morning I got up and was at Goodwill at 9am sharp. Not to my surprise, but the mirror was still there!

I still wasn't on board with the pricing and decided to just put it in my cart and think on it for a while. After about 20 minutes I bought it. I brought it home and immediately knew it was the right decision.
Ive said many times, thrifting isn't about cheap prices, its about finding unique gems that you really cant find anywhere else.

INTERIORS: No Sew Pillows

I cannot sew. At all. However, I am great at making no sew pillows. To be truthful, it is actually pretty easy.


A few years ago I implemented the 1 hour virtual design consultation. It helped so many people who were on a budget, figure out what colors will work in their home, what items to look for at the thrift store or even what to

Even though PINTEREST is an amazing resource, sometimes you need a professional eye to look at what you have and provide a great solution for it.

As a decorator, I get inquiries quite often from people who are looking for HIGH END design for very little money.

Hiring an interior designer can be costly and if you don't have the budget, I do believe with some added resources you can achieve the look you are after.

Here is what happens with the 1 HOUR 1 ROOM - Virtual Design Consultation.
The 1 ROOM 1 HOUR - Consultation is a great option for you to get a real life approach to your design inquiries.

During one of these sessions, I share with you how to get custom pillows for less than $5 each. Would you like to know how to create a sophisticated space from a magazine or one of your favorite designers? Maybe you have been seeing my PAINTED WINGBACK CHAIRS and are still unsure of how to get that finish, if so, I will share all of that with you, so be sure you ask all of those questions!

The 1 ROOM - 1 HOUR Consultation is $150. HOWEVER, the first 10 people to book the consultation can schedule their appointment for $100! That is $50 off the standard rate.

Once you book you appointment time, I will send you a questionnaire about your room. This questionnaire will asks quite a few questions that will help me assess your space. A few of the questions will are

1. What is the most amazing restaurant you have been to? Why do you like it.
2. What are you favorite colors. What colors do you absolutely hate.
3. How do you currently use the room we are tackling?

If you would like to schedule one of the 10 spaces for September for $100 you can CLICK HERE!
If you would like to schedule an appointment and have links emailed back to you with the items you can buy, CLICK HERE. 

NEW CLIENT: #TheWellsEstate

I know most of you are waiting for the final installment of the dining room saga, however, there have been two additional updates that is just crazy. Both of these developments have taken this dining room project into two completely different directions. I now I have to make a decision about how I want to proceed. It is either I redo second hand chairs (budget friendly and time consuming) or purchase chairs I really want (expensive and no time wasted). As my mother would say, "Time is money."

So you will have to wait just a bit, but in the meantime let's talk about one of my newest clients.

A colleague of mine, referred me to his boss when she purchased her new home. To say I was honored for the referral is an understatement. The home is massive and she wanted budget friendly options to create a home for her family. Although the home is pushing 10,000 square feet, it has a very warm and welcoming layout.

Take a look.

I have been working at this particular project for about a month now and quite a few of the furnishings have already been selected. Even though, I did not participate in choosing the many of the existing finishes, with a house this large, there are a lot of places to add a decorative touches so I am definitely excited to see this project take place. 

Make sure you are following me on INSTAGRAM and are checking the INSTAGRAM STORIES, that where a lot of the items will be shown. 

Exciting times ahead!