A lot has been going on this week, but I always find the time to be inspired by natures and especially browsing social media. So starting today and EVERY SUNDAY from this point forward, you can look forward to "Rashon's Sunday Seven @ 7". This will be seven things that inspired me or made me make a double take. I will try to keep them all rather neutral and save the more contreversial stuff for my upcoming INSTAGRAM LIVE CHAT.

You're Invited!

Friday Finds (H&M Home)

Most of us love H&M for their cheap and trendy fashions, but very few people know about H&M Home. I discovered H&M Home while shopping in SoHo New York some time ago and wanted to buy everything thing, but hauling that stuff through security would have been a pain. I really like H&M Home because although it has fast fashions, most of the in items in the decor department can be used as staples for many years to come.

Saturday Spaces: Small and Luxurious

"I would rather live in a custom jewel box than a badly designed mansion."

Motivational Monday: CONNECTED, but no CONNECTION

I was speaking with a colleague this past week regarding an opportunity to receive high visibility for his growing business in a walk heavy and centralized location at a cost of $1500.  While there were a number of "positives", there were a few negatives that needed to be evaluated.

One of the uncertainties of this business move, was not making the $1500 investment back because the environment may be have heavy traffic, but there is no guarantee people would stop. People are funny like that. Honestly, all investments are a gamble. NOT making an investment is yet another gamble, but if you can stand to lose what you invest, then of course...invest.

Spaces: Traditional Meets Modern

Interiors that mix modern and traditional elements are some of my favorite spaces to be inspired by. I am especially drawn to designers that are able to achieve this look for their clients. While I was browsing one of my favorite online channels, I came across Scott Yetman and his Montreal Apartment. It was such a full, yet clean space that I had to find more images, to satisfy my curiosity.

Luckily, his website had all the images I needed. Take a look at the images below and see if you too will be inspired by his beautiful home. 

Inexpensive Framed Archectural Prints

When I uploaded this video to my INSTAGRAM PAGE, quite a few of my followers sent messages asking me why I didn't have any photos in my picture frames. So, I decided I needed to find a quick solution.  I am waiting to get some photos printed, but in the meantime, I used a tried and true method of framing pages from a book. 

in progress

There will always be the NEXT perfect pillow, perfect accessory to locate when decorating a home. It  can be really problematic when you are constantly surrounded by design elements. even though there is so many pieces to choose from, sometimes you just have to make a decision and go with it.

So here is my living room in progress.

I should have bought it, but I didnt

A few months ago I spotted a damaged coffee table in a store. I'm not even sure the store manager knew it was damaged until I brought it to her attention, even still I wanted it, but felt like the discounted price was far too low. In my opinion half of the table was missing. Did I still want it? Yes, but I could have used the extra money to get it fixed.

Well let move forward to today. I didn't buy the coffee table and I cant find anything I like in the store and honestly, don't have the energy to bounce around thrift stores to find one, so online is where my need has taken me. 

What I am looking for is a coffee table that is rectangular or a large square, mirrored or glass and has a black metal. Here are a few of my selections for coffee tables I like, but why they are exactly what I am looking for. 

Bookcase Update

After I had my bookcase installed late last year, I immediately started styling them. While I was working on a previous project, I found some architectural elements that I thought would look great in my bookcase. Unfortunately, I bought all they had for my client, so I was eager to get back to my local store to see if they had any in. Luckily, they had four and they fit perfectly into my bookcase.