"Hunting" for the Perfect Sofa

Let's start with the facts. The fact is, I dont have a sofa in my living room and there hasn't been one in there for quite some time. I got rid of my last sofa and never replaced it. Seeing that it's just me and Mr. Benjamin (my dog), the need for extra expensive piece furniture wasn't logical or financially appealing, but I am moving towards entertaining a bit more and I need one. 

There are a lot of questions that go into purchasing a sofa. For me, I am concerned with softness, because mom does come over and sleep on the sofa (her choice, not mine). I also need this sofa to be amazing on the eyes. Right now I have carpet, but when I purchase a place (if I decide to), hardwood floors will be non negotiable. So I need for this sofa to look good atop hardwood floors
Since I live in a rental I don't want to spend a king's ransom on a sofa, but I do want a nice sofa. So above are my top ten choices, if I were going to buy one online. 

Yes. I know all of these sofas are quite masculine upon first looking at them. Which one is your favorite for the price point? 

Here they are individually.