#RashonsDinnerSeries | PREVIEW Edition

Photographs by MPOV Photography

I hosted a PREVIEW DINNER for #RashonsDinnerSeries on Tuesday night June 7th because it was my birthday. This dinner was just an insight to those who may want to attend an official dinner that I put on as a LifeStyle Expert. 

These dinner parties are meant to serve one purpose and that is to gather together is an intimate environment with good people and enjoy great food. There is not political agenda. There is no religious agenda, it is dinner along with some amazing entertainment. 

I started #RashonsDinnerSeries two years ago because I wanted to connect with well dressed individuals that wanted to get away from networking events, bars and clubs. Is the dinner event stuffy? Sometimes. Is it bougie? Sometimes. But that is just how I like the vibe of an event to be, refined and elegant. In a world full of denim and maxi dresses, #RashonsDinnerSeries is intended to push you to wear a suit and a fancy cocktail dress. 

The bad news is that this dinner party has ended. The GOOD NEWS is that if you are interested in attending you can CLICK HERE.