I jetted over to one my favorite spots for Antique store.

This store is filled with dressers...chairs...portraits and all things in between. Here are a few interesting pictures of my little visit. I did buy a few things...some cufflinks and an abacus (guy asked me if batteries came with it...I didnt get the joke. He sensed I didnt get it either...whoops).

Wedgewood plates (tea sized)
milk glasses
yellow marble grapes. Tag said made in 1920s. I guess they thought it justified a price tage of $165. NOT!Leather chair...nice
an old mounted propeller...really liked this
some plates from Germany

french blue dresser?
an ornate little chair...prolly could be used in a vanity area

portrait of a sofa and chairs...
personalized mugs...miniature mugs...fits on the tip of your finger.
i know not what one could do with tiny mugs
Mr. Goodwill Hunting