Change of pace

Well this is just a change of pace from my normal topic (not that I dont have any finds to post...cuz I do.)

I really need to put my living room together. Here are some pieces I would like to use in my living room. All items have been sourced. The great thing about the items listed is that I have a very comparable version which costs much less than their high-fa-lute-in cousins.
True story. I called a store in my local area to order this sofa. Its from Lee Industries. I first saw it online and went to a design store in Charlotte, NC to get more information. I called Lee Industries (their people are extremely rude) and visited their website and realized there was someone closer who could possibly order it for me. I contacted this person and they were out of the country on a shopping excursion (Paris...Africa...backyard...somewhere...wasnt paying attention). I told her I wanted to order it and they waxed on and on about this and that...called me multiple times. To make a long story even longer, the designer wanted me to hire her to design my potential home. She ran her trap and in casual conversation she said she was going to Hickory, NC because they had an account there. Apparently she didnt realize I knew about the Hickory Furniture Mart. I told her I would like to go at some point. She tried to convince me that I shouldnt go because the items there are ones people dont want. They are cast offs. They cant move in the local store. Oddly enough she was going to make a visit there as well. After I made it clear I didnt need a designer...she brushed me off. Never called back. Eh... It put a bad taste in my mouth about commission interior designers. Thats another topic.

Sofa is around $2800.

What was I doing again?
I would love to use this to cover a wall in my home. Black grasscloth.

These lamps are from Restoration Hardware at about $350 each. TJ Maxx has similar ones for about $80 each. They had two and someone bought one and left one. I havent bought them. Im waiting for another. I may try the other TJ Maxx for a pair.

I first saw this sculpture on Colin Cowie website...its in his home. You know Colin. The guy that does the parties and thangs for the Gran Boo Paa Oprah. Yerrrp...thas him. Here it is in the background. I always admired it...but had no information regarding it.
After researching I came to know that this metal artwork was crafted by Curtis Jere in the 1970s. These pieces are quite expensive. Ebay and 1st Dibs retails them for upwards of $3,500 - 5000. Jonathan Adler retails them for around $1700. Im sure if I look around I may be able to find it in a unsuspected shop. Until then, I may have to sell a kidney for this. Hey one is all I need.

Side table from Mitchell Gold + Bob William is about $450. TJ Maxx had them for around $80. I bought one. Id like to have two.

West Elm Butler tray. Id like two to serve as a coffee table.

I first came across this pillow on Rate My Space from HGTV dot com. Then found it in Target about 3 years ago for $25. Funds didnt justify a $25 pillow at that time...being single and all. Ummm... Target no longer carries them. Well this pillow is from Zgallerie. A great friend went to ATL recently and bought me a few things back from there. While there I told them I wanted this pillow. The manager said its discontinued now. I called the online store and they only had 7 left in warehouse. I didnt order. Sold out in a week. Luckily my local Zgallerie still had 4 remaining. If you want these...I'd suggest looking up a Zgallerie's number and order them. Some stores do ship. I bought 3.

Id like to outfit my entire home with these floors. From the Lexington Home Collection. Actually this photo is an Inspiration Photo. You will see what I mean in a few months.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting