Im opening a restaurant...

Nah, not really...but I could...

I have a secret...I am partially an event planner. Because I have planned a number of intimate events for myself and clients, I have this urge to buy items in bulk when on sale. These items did not come from Goodwill, however, they were all purchased on Sale. On any given day, I am capable of plating up to 100 people. Some people like fanciful dishes with colors and patterns and what not. Hmmm...well not me. I like monochromatic designs, so my attention is always drawn to black and white and gray items.

Alright heres my small but POWERFUL arsenal.

These plates have a very interesting story behind them. As with all my finds. I will attempt to make this as condensed as possible. These plates come from Target...lets start there. They were part of the holiday collection of '09. When I saw them I knew I wanted them. All of them. Unfortunately, they were $4.99 each and to get all that I saw would make this a budget buster. I stalked these plates...calling the manager checking prices every other day to see if they went on sale. A sales associate told me that a red tag had been placed on the barcode which meant they were slated to be go on sale and would not be available anymore (who knows if they will bring them back this year). Well I went on a Sat and checked the price and WAH LA! they were 30% off. The awesome thing about this was that the signs hadnt even been placed out yet advertising they were on sale. Lucky me! I drove to 5 different Targets in my area and managed to get 43 of them (I got stuck in Hobby Lobby and couldnt make it to the last Target).
A week later they were 50% off. Well I wanted to get them at 50% off as well. So I brought them back in thinking they would do a credit. With my charm I managed to get the process started. Well I hit a bump in the road when the nice sales lady was only able to do 41 and not 43. Well she called the manager and the manager informed her that she wasnt allowed to give me a price adjustment. So I asked if I could return them and re buy them. The manager and her boss man in all their glory told me that I would have to wait 24 hours to re buy them (essentially they would wait 24 hours to put them back on the shelf). I told them that was crazy and a poor sales decision.
Retail: $214.57 (plus tax)
Mr.GW $107.29 (plus tax)

These came from TJ Maxx. I have 48. I bought 4 boxes of 12 for $11 each.
Retail: $52 (plus tax)
Mr. GW: $44 (pllus tax)

TJ Maxx plates made in Portugal. I bought all 6 plates for $4 each.
Retail: $36 (plus tax)
Mr. GW: $24 (plus tax)

These plates were found at Big Lots. They were apart of the Jennifer Farell collection. Here collection was nice but WAAAAAY overpriced for Big Lots. I knew these plates at $8 each would not move. So I waited. I got a phone call and went to buy them. I bought all 10 plates for $2.50 each.
Retail: $80
Mr. GW: $25

These plates were bought from TJ Maxx. They are from a collection called Balour Hotel. I went to two TJs for them. I wasnt overly thrilled about them, but at the value I knew I could get good use of them when planning events. I have 75. I bought 6 boxes of 12 count for $10 each and a box of 5 for $4.
Retail $97.50
Mr. GW: $64
All neatly placed back in their home...waiting for another client or a great group of friends.