Well this wasnt exactly Goodwill, but it was a thrift store. I went in to do some other things and behold 3 bins full of remnants from the Schumacher fabric company. Many of these pieces are large swatches that are only available to the trade. It is such that there is a Schumacher fabric distribution warehouse about 40 minutes from my house and about 15mins from where I work. I have never been, but I think these little finds are worth the trip.

These pieces were very very very very inexpensive. Im not sure what I may do with them. They look large enough for my mother to do some pillows. Perhaps I will have her do one or two...do a giveaway and then open an etsy shop to allow other to enjoy these fine fabrics.

Speaking of fine fabrics, many of them say their origin are India, Netherlands, Ireland, France, United Kingdom. Many of them are 100% linen. Very nice and soothing colors. So this was an international victory!!!

Hope you enjoy all the pics...and get ready for a great giveaway in the next coming weeks.