Once I caught a fish alive...nah not really...
Seriously though,

I acquired five new clients this week to help redo their spaces. Im overjoyed that they gave me an opportunity to help them make their house (and apartments) homes. My take on putting together a space, is using items from thirft stores and placing them in the home. Many individuals would love to have a well put together home. Unfortunately, they dont have the budget for better items, or for a to the trade designer (which are good to have if you can afford them.)

Many times people buy ugly furniture and expect miracles to be performed. Sometimes its a lost cause. Sometimes you have to be a miracle worker on yourself and be creative to make do with what they have. At this point Im not into making money...just being creative and helping those I can.

As I look at the clock its 12:30am on Saturday. I am up because I fell asleep while watching tv and then got up and started organizing and cleaning. Busy weekend BTW.

In the meanwhile here are a few pieces that I came across in my excursions this week.

This barstool (as with a lot of things...see the boxes) are salvage items from Target. This barstool was $39.99 then $29.99 and now $24.99. Its been there going on a week. It probably wont move until it hits $19.99 or less.

Baby drumset. Made me think of my brother, who by the way is the baddest percussionist this side of the Mason Dixon line.
I had this in my hand to buy. $4.99. I didnt buy it because I already had three mirrors in my home...unused and it wouldve probably sat in a corner.
This mirror was like $6.99. I thought of so many of my lady blog friends and what transformation they would take this piece through.

These "solid walnut" beds were $150. I dont think they will move anytime soon.
This lamp was $15. I think its a good deal. I didnt buy it. Its really nice and could accentuate a desk. Maybe spray painted turquoise or bright orange...maybe a lime bout blue?
I really wanted this coffee table. It was just one. I wanted two. Had it been two. They would have came home with me.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting