Well as most of you know I am feverisly trying to get my little condo together. Luckily I have found some great pieces over the last week. Here are a few chairs I am considering and the inspiration for them.

Yes they are thrift finds...either criagslist...ebay...or Goodwill...
The seller refuses to separte the chairs from the table. He has this whole sad sob story about him being "related" to the seller. O yea...it belongs to his brother whose in a divorce...moved back to Charlotte...the price is what you would pay for 2 arm chairs...blah blah blah...just get the table out and tell me I can get the chairs...so I can recreate this look....
I know rite.

Of course...I said the same when I saw this set. Apparently it didnt sell at the garage sell for $250 (a table was included...I tried to cut the table out as well.) Well after asking for pictures and emailing daily...she decides the yard sale provided her with more room...so she said she would be keeping it. I really tried. I had so many ideas for these chairs...I said a few bad words at the email...hoping she would hear me and the Lord would forgive me as well.
Im not sure what I want these for. However they are like $25 each and would be great for my small dining room. Perhaps I could be inpsired by the Nate Berkus chair below.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting.