A few weeks ago I stumbled upon quite a few sample fabrics from Schumacher exclusive fabric line. I have been somewhat occupied with ministry, work, a few clients and just life in general that I have not even looked at the fabrics since Easter weekend, when I pawned them off to my mother.

Because of that I am offering each of the sample fabrics to each of you. Its nearly 50 different sample sizes. Most of them are big enough for a pillow or so. I have a number of pure solid linen samples as well. This is a great opportunity to get access to exclusive SCHUMACHER fabrics to use as you would like.

To check and see which prints are available just click here to check here and here out the previous post where I featured a number of them.

I would love to see that projects that you complete with them and feature them on the blog.

Once you have decided which ones you want please email me at for pricing and for exact sizes.

Here are some pictures of pillows that use the Schumacher fabric that I found on etsy.

Here is the FREE PART. If you do a little snippet announcing the sale on your blog, have your guest (s) drop by to say hello, mention your blog name and thats it! Because guests are followers of a number of blogs they are more than free to mention more than one blog title. By Friday April 30, 2010, whoever gets their name mentioned the most, will recieve, FOR FREE, a sample SCHUMACHER FABRIC...FOR FREE!

Tell everyone you know to drop by...THERES A SALE GOING ON!!!!

Contact me at for the details on pricing and shipping.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting