Well as noted before, my birthday is coming up and Im having a get-2-gether. Well Im preparation I need furnishings to at least attempte to put the home together for the family. I live in a condo and some things cannot be changed. However, light fixtures can be changed.

I really like this chandelier, it is part of the Roxbury collection by Thomasville.

the shades do come in black

While in Home Depot near work I saw this chandelier out of the corner of my eye.
This is how it appears on the website...
I went to my local Home Depot and inquired with a salesman (who was unhelpful), about the chandelier. Well my Home Depot did not have it. However, it was part of a special order catalog. When I looked at the price it was $249. Wait. that cant be right.

Clearly its $179 in the store and not $249. The advice of the nice salesgirl...go back and buy the one for $179. I certainly hope they havent changed the price by the time I make it back. I wasnt going to buy a chandy for my condo. However, it seems to be worth the investment. I can always take it with me.

What are your thoughts?
Mr. Goodwill Hunting