My friends,

I havent posted in abot two months. But I have been reading and following many of you. I have noticed many local blogs within my area and Im pretty excited about connecting with each of you.

To welcome myself back I am going to post about a lamp...and about a few blogs and a few places I have recently come across.

To begin, I have been hitting HomeGoods lately to source for my apartment. I came across this lamp. Well I love it. But its only one. So I am asking EVERYONE in blogland to be on the lookout for this lamp, for me. If you see it, can you let me know. I need it. Gotta have it.

Ok. Moving on. I have recently come across some great places and blogs in the Charlotte area.

Of course one of my blog friends Ms. Debbie Doos  and her wonderful blog.

Debbie recently did a great video for the whole Oprah search. I know at least 100 people who did the same. I just didnt bother. However, Debbie is a natural. Check her out.

I recently came across Holly Goes Lightly.

Her blog is amazing. She doesnt know it, but we actually met informally. I emailed her about these amazing looking chairs via craigslist. They were amazing, but were not quite the color I need. She has a really neat Etsy shop as well. Hopefully Holly will read this and reach out to me.

Via Holly, I came across Post and Gray

Browsing their amazing website has me wanting to go. Unfortunatlely their Saturday hours are by appoitment only and I havent been able to make an appoitment, with my schedule. So Post and Gray if you are out there. I am coming your way!!!

Another friend Ive met in the local area is Bryn Alexander.
She just bought a home (CONGRATULATIONS) so I know she is super busy, but she remains a good go to blog for Inspiration.

Well these are just a few bloggers in my back door. I will be having a Holiday Open House and I will invite all of you and hope you can make it.
Too Early?
Well if Horchow can do it...why cant I?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting