Mr.Goodwill goes to HomeGoods

Attempting to furnish my condo after living here for a year seems neverending. Budget and availability are always factors that push me away from big purchases like dining chairs and a new sofa. However, I tend to always find amazing pieces from places like Target and HomeGoods. I went into HomeGoods this weekend and picked up these amazing looking suitcases.

I kept walking around and found a few more.

I am not exactly sure what I will do with them or where they will go, but in HomeGoods, if you like it, your
best bet is it buy it and keep the reciept. Items go very quickly.

The Polo Ralph Lauren store used to use fully aluminum suitcases like these in their stores and in their set up in stores like Belk and Dillards.

Any suggestions on how I can use mine?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting