...Its a BIRTHDAY...

Today is Mr. Benjamin Bixby's birthday! He is two.

Because I am snowed in at my parents house and he is at the sitters back home, I cannot get pictures of Mr.B and ALL the things I bought him for his big day...

BUT ALL of these wonderful doggies and their owners wanted to stop by and wish Mr. B a happy B-DAY
 Laura and her mighty mighty dogs (not the guy...that's her husband...I think...lol)
Elizabeth can send me both Cole and the chair!!!
 I would love to have one of these on Christmas morning...Ally is one lucky lady.
Here's Alfie...Shanika's running partner..I could use one...
 Ms. Loretta and her "Diva Dog" Ms. Chichi!
 DeeAnna and The Mighty Casey must have known it was picture day, don't they look amazing!

Abbe is all snuggled up...with good company...
 I wonder what Conner is looking at...maybe he is waiting on Meg...
 Two is always better than one. Magnum and Freckless...thanks Wanda!!
 Now what is cuter than Courtney and Higgins....NOTHING!
Wait a minute Tia...is Bodie driving...if so I'm going to need him to wear his safety belt...lol

Mr.B & Mr.GWH enjoyed having all of you!
Thanks guys!!!