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Today Is Save Me Sundays.

I want to discuss briefly the virtual version of thrifting...craigslist. I have bought and sold on craigslist for close to 10 years. Craigslist can lead to fun discoveries and even dangerous encounters. I want to share 5 tips for selling and buying on "da List." (there are so many more and I hope you will share as well).

Seller: Whether man or woman, dont show an item alone, if you can help it. If its a small item agree to
                 meet in a high traffic area...Wal-Mart, McDonalds Ikea. Do all you can to show the item outside
                 and not in your home. People may seem unassuming, but dont assume.
Buyer: Dont show up alone. This is a stranger's house you are visiting. For all you know they are satantic
               worshippers. Ask to meet in a well lit area, local Quickie Mart, library, police station.
As a seller you want to make sure your items are priced right the first time. It is akin to selling a house, kinda.  If you dont get a response within a day of your listing...you are priced too high and you may think you item is worth more than it is. Ive seen the same set of dining chairs for $600 listed for the past two years (quite a few actually). Research and price accordingly.

As a buyer, know how much an item costs at retail and perhaps on sale. I remember this guy listing a Ballard tufted chair for $800. I went to the Ballard website to compare pricing and the chair was actually $699. A seller wants to make a small profit and you want to spend a small amount...do your research.

Seller: No one looks for items without photos. If you do have photos make them clear, featuring the item. Worst thing is to post an ad for a sofa and you are showing the inside of a shower stall, or you are selling a bedroom set and your baby is propped up on it. You may think your baby is cute...others may not.

Buyer: If there is no photo I would pass on by. If you are using key words and the there is no photo ask for one. If the reply, "I have no camera, but you can set an appointment to see it.", go at your own risk...you've been warned.

4. DETAILSSeller: "Wont last long!" means you ad is expected to grow roots on craigslist.

            "I paid $10,000 for it a minute ago, but I will sell it to you for the LOW LOW price of $19.99!" 
            Sounds like someone made a bad investment.

             Don't reply to a potential buyer saying, "People have been blowing my email up ALL day! If you
             want it, you better come now." Urgency doesnt always work.

             A woman texted me saying "Do you want this or not. Ive got people waiting to buy."
             I replied..."SELL IT!" The item is still on craigslist to this day.

Buyer: Pay attention to what is listed in the ad. Four chairs for $100 doesn't not mean 4 for $1. Its $25 per chair not $25 for all chairs.  If the seller says $80 firm...offer $60 in the email and let them reply. Don't show up with $60 when it says $80. You might be short. ( I say email because if you get there and they try to pull a quick one over you you have some proof that that they accepted a lower price)


Seller: If your item is priced right it will sell fast. I sold my recently purchase of a dining set in a day. I paid $200 sold for $250 (had to comp for the truck I rented). I broke even.

Buyer: Good items go fast...like hours fast...sometimes minutes fast. Check da List every chance you get.

What do you suggest for buying a selling on da List?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting