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 Todays topic: For many years (and perhaps today), shopping thrift and second hand has developed a negative connotation. Do you believe this taboo still exists? Why or Why not?
 Absolutely not! In today's economy, savvy shoppers shop thrift! Thrifting is the new chic - but too much and it could be shabby. The trick is in the balance of the mix of splurge and save.
The taboo is alive and well that "Antique" is far more acceptable than "Thrift." Most clients believe that if the piece isn't purchased in an ultra clean and brightly lit showroom, that there is no appeal or inherent value. Further, the clients seem to consider that a "New" piece is far superior. I have discovered in my experience that the Antique and Vintage pieces are what adds the true character within the space. They offset the shiny new pieces and give the eye relief.
 Yes I do believe it stiil exist.  There are just some people that won't be caught dead in thrift stores.  But, 10 times out of 10, they will accept a refurbished piece from there!  I was like that at one point.  Thank goodness I grew out of it;-)
I actually think design blogs (along with the economy) have helped to make thrifting cool again.  People are realizing that you can be creative even on a budget, and design bloggers are helping to inspire people to use items in ways they may have never thought of previously.

What do you think?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting