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Today is the 16th day of

We are well on our way to the end. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated and commented thus far. Your energy means a lot to me and all the panelists that are involved.

Today's Question is: Some items, inexpensive items even, can ultimately become personal prized possessions. In your many excursions of thrifting what item (s) has turned out to be worth MORE than the price you paid. Can be sentimental or dollar value.

Hmmmm.... I have acquired a few prized possessions through thrift - both dollar vale and sentimental. However, the two that fit into BOTH categories though are two buffets I've purchased. One, I found twelve years ago. It was a disgusting apple green wood buffet with a 2" thick slate top marked at $60. It was in the second to the last row, three dressers into the aisle, with another piece stacked on top. I saw the lines and then I saw a sign that said HALF OFF. I quickly saw BEYOND the apple green, called my old boss (who was still a great friend) who came with me to pick it up the next day. Poor guy almost died lifting that slate top - but one can of semi-gloss black paint and twelve years later - it's still with me =)

The other buffet find was also $30 - ironically found at the same thrift shop (which has since been closed). I found it in 2006 - when my husband & I had just purchased and moved into our first home together. My hubs Jeff met me at the shop to pick it up and we unloaded it into the garage. Little did he know - this would become a more regular occurrence as the years have past... lol.

Both are amazing storage pieces of solid wood construction and both were only $30 each, took a little elbow grease, stain, paint and TLC and both are alive a kickin' today!

My most favorite find has to be the pair of slipper chairs that I found for $50! My very good friend Janell Beals (Isabella and Max Rooms) purchased some chairs and had them reupholstered and I was in love! Can you imagine my surprise when I found TWO?!?!? OMG, I can not wait to have them reupholstered myself!

I paid $40 for the campaign dresser in my office.  I painted it Kelly green and it became the focal point of the room.  I love it because it reminds me what you can find if you are willing to look, and it serves as a much needed storage piece.

I came across a silver blue with the interior enameled in turquoise. The price tag was $15. Granted, it is silver plate, but I was searching for something to bring in the first tones of color into my Living Room where I was struggling with the neutrals that were all-consuming. The piece couldn't be in your face or even too humorous. The bowl brings in the color and yet still the sophistication I didn't know I was looking for it.

What is your most prized possesion?
Ill reveal mine on Twitter.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting