[no sew drapes]

i needed drapes.
i wanted to buy this king sized divatex duvet cover in colorway from wal-mart,                   
...to do the same thing kyle knight did in her guest room.                                     
by the time i had gotten back around to ordering mine...the king duvet was sold out...and as I type this...its still sold out. other suppliers sell it, but its significantly more, and im on a budget.
so with that option not available and nothing in target or homegoods or tjmaxx, i was back in the hunt. i wanted black drapes. i like the cave like feeling black drapes provide. waking up in the morning to the bright sunshine when you dont have to gets old. really quickly. i visited ikea hoping to find some inexpensive black drapes. they had none. all they had were a dark gray. i didnt want that.

approximately 4 months later I was sitting on the floor in my living room and realized I could combine my all time favorite design love with my all time favorite netural color. so back to ikea I went, picked up a pack of ritva drapes (the ones I didnt want) took a few yards of my all time favorite sophia fabric and came up with this.

these drapes were totally a no sew project. just a big 'ole burn thru your skin country iron and some hemming tape.

what do you think?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting