[sew sew good]

i  am very blessed to have a mother who sews. correction. a mother who sews very well. she has been sewing for well over 30+ years. she enjoys it. it relaxes her. 
she made the jacket hat and bag

although my mother can make pretty much anything... she refuses to make me a full suit. she laughs and mocks me every time i mention it to her. that's ok. why? because one of her friends can do it. excited.

before my mother's friend can start on my first of many suits, she told me i need to locate a pattern i want to use. so, i went on a quest to find one. sadly none of the modern patterns suited my taste. however, there were quite a few vintage patterns that were surprisingly current in their styling

tonia, the amazing force behind the chic modern vintage blog, was so gracious to try and help me track down my the desired patterns. with tonia's help and a dash of serendipity i was able to find these.

i was really searching for this one,
but i had to bid on 18 random vintage patterns to get it
 i also picked up this vintage handbook from etsy
 if you pay close attention to men suits you will notice these classic vintage patterns are quite current with the construction of present day suits.
this endeavor will be one of my creative outlets in 2011. i am very excited to explore this new area in fashion. getting a custom suit made at an incredible low price is going to be...
[sew sew good].

Mr. Goodwill Hunting