[stylish saturday]

style is personal. there is no wrong or right way to approach it. its totally you. whether one is styling their home or their lives it is a direct reflection of what an individual embodies.

some people like to admit that they don't have a style. they purport they like everything. truth be told, we call that a style. eclectic.
what is my style: in my wardrobe, i lean towards the classics with an err on the side of dandy. what i don't like are crazy fashion pieces. i don't find anything lady gaga does worthy of burning my retina. kanye west bothers me as well. he is creative, but he has taught me one thing. money cant buy style. he is a bit of all things and a lot of nothing. sorry kanyeezy.

style comes in all ages...the young, the mid-life crisis and the thank ya lawd for one more day. all of us can sing "kum by ya" in our bowties, dashikis, manolo blakniks, wingtips, and suspenders. but we all cant agree on what shops to stop in while on rodeo drive, fifth avenue or the thrift district (do we have one of those?).
its easy to master style, just be you.
so who is this young man. i call him jc. i met his mother years ago when my family joined a new church. when jc was young, jc would often come up to me after church and say, "i saw you up there moving and  talking and stuff." (directing the choir and preaching).

jc has since grown up and is 11 now. every time i see him a small bit of jealously runs through me because at such a young age, he is so stylish. i guess it doesn't hurt he has a beautiful mother and a handsome father.
 fo real...

heres to style at any age

Mr. Goodwill Hunting