if you follow me on twitter, then you already know the news. if not, here it is.
i am going to be a guest on THE NATE SHOW! yea i know. so stoked.

so how did i get invited? i know a large number of people, write in, send videos or pictures requesting to be a guest. i didn't. not because i didn't want to be a guest, but because i honestly didn't think i had anything worthy of being on the show.

last monday i received an email. the email stated they saw my bedroom that was done on a budget and was impressed and wanted to know if i had any other pictures of the rest of my home. well i did. then i didn't.

all in all i sent them additional pictures as they requested. i got my first call while at a client meeting.

what? i didn't tell you about the client meeting either? gosh dernnit!

ok where was i?
oh yea

well they called backed and said the producers were indeed interested and wanted to know if i would like to be a guest on the show.
heck yea!

now i know you guys haven't seen the rest of my home. i was going to blog about it soon, and i will.
so bear with me as i take my time. don't want to squeeze a months worth of blogging into one day...lol

there are a number of reasons why i am honored to have been personally invited to be a guest. i will blog more on these later. i have a date to fly out and record. so i will update everyone as much as i can.

so i hope you will support me and the mission of this blog as i make my way to THE NATE SHOW.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting