[do you believe in fairies?]

i do. i think a lil goodwill fairy was with me this weekend. i had a very busy busy weekend trying to do a few important things...with the world's worst toothache. my friend told me that its surprising how i can have such a throbbing toothache, but still find time to shop. yea its true.

between jaunting from target to another target and buying chuck taylors (my all time favorite sneaker) i dropped by goodwill. no surprise there.

i normally walk to the furniture area first. apparently the goodwill fairy was waiting on me.
yes. a card catalog. i started to leave it in the store. why? i dont have anymore room for huge furniture pieces. however, i could not tear myself away from it. i snatched the tag off and walked around the store a bit and then headed to the check out

i tweeted about my find and i received several positive comments. i am not really into trends. sometimes i don't even know what's currently popular. i tend to do my own thing, but after such feedback i wanted to know what all the fuss was about. so i bumped around etsy to price and search card catalogs.

after browsing etsy, i went to ebay.
$199 (this seems to be a good price)

it appears vintage card catalogs are quite pricey and a bit hard to come by. although pricey these pieces are quite the russian doll of storage. i mean look at all of those drawers. after seeing these crazy prices, i wanted to know if anyone has blogged about finding one. i also wanted to see if there were any innovative ideas floating around.

aside from just plain ole refinishing it
this one is probably the most dramatic. they did a lot of deconstructing to get it this way. a lot. way to much for me. however, i like the end result
emily anderson used it as a buffet also in a dining room design
the most common one i found was the housing of wine bottles.
although this one seems to be left as it was, vibrant insert cards makes the piece so happy.

ok. so after looking at all of these images and looking at mine, i think mine is missing one cabinet. however, i wont say anything it was such a good deal.
so what am i going to do with this? stay tuned...

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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