[living room in details]

i appreciate the generous and positive comments from each of you on my living room. i also appreciate those who really hate my living room. seriously. one should be careful when everyone speaks well of them, there is always a negative nelly or a debbie downer somewhere. can the church say amen?


so here is the real story. this is NOT how i intended for my living room to turn out. my goal was to have a black white and grey room, with hits of paprika. thats it. if you have followed me for any length of time you know i am all things black and white. however, as i began to pull items from storage they all seemed to work together (so i think).

i am really enjoying this room. because this room was done on a very tight tight budget, i am able to switch some things out for a new look without fear of losing money.

ok here are a few answers to the living room details.
this is an old picture of the bench. it was from big lots about 2 years ago and costs $89. they now sell it for $129.
i simply used some of the stripe fabric to recover it with. this fabric is also used in my bedroom as well as the gallery wall.
the gallery wall is the focal point of my living room. it is the first thing you see when you enter. i struggled for a while as to what should go there. i considered bookcases, but as a renter i didn't want a lot of "furniture"

miss cleo is actually a $4 piece of fabric that i found while thrifting one morning. i simply framed it. the abstract art in the middle was a donation to an organization i worked for many years ago. no one wanted it and was going to trash it. so i kept it.

the two pictures on the stripe fabric are special to me. one is the key to the city of Darlington, SC my hometown. i received this after becoming governor of boys state. the picture to the right is a picture of me with george w bush i met him in 2001 as a delegate to boys nation. (if you arent sure what boys state and boys nation are, i will do a separate post).

the letter "c" was found at goodwill, but these are easy to find at craft shops. oh yea. i have recently moved the letter up a few inches, it was racking my nerves being so low.
black and mustard pillows were bought last year on discount at target for $19.99, i think. the paprika ones in the bedroom came from target as well. the geometric pillows were found at homegoods for $14.99 each. crate and barrel sells them in the lime green colorway for $39.99.
these huge lamps were from goodwill at $9.99 each. i walked out with them and a lady saw them...she said to her shopping buddy, "did you dem in dere?" shopping buddy says, "i did, but i ain't want dem thangs."

my reaction to self, "oh yea of little design faith"

the shade were hideous but the appropriate size. i recovered them in a black denim fabric 

why are those bottles behind the sofa? they do not belong there. 
the coffee table/tray tables are just a goodwill find (click here to learn more). the lacquered trays were $7 at big lots a while ago, down from $48. seriously who would buy $48 trays from big lots. chair in da back...
someone thought i had these chairs upholstered in the same sofa fabric. actually no. these were the only full priced items i purchased. they are $149 at target. they can be pulled out to be sleepers as well. i chose them for the color and also to juxtapose the traditional sofa in the room
the lamps were $2.99 each at goodwill. lakeitha threaten me if i painted them. so as of now, they arent painted and they fit in the space. 

the sofa will warrant its own posting next week. click here for a look back at the sofa.

did i miss anything?

oh yea...gumball machine
$29.99 at goodwill. it works too.
i didn't share this picture yesterday, but here is an angle of my living room with the drapes. these are the  same "custom" drapes that hang in my dining room (click here for more on those). i didnt want a different set of drapes for the living room because it is an open concept space and cohesiveness was important. 

did i get everything?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting