[the sofa]

one of my most amazing finds to date was my sofa. i found it at goodwill for $19.99. i think people were scared of it because of its ugly fabric. however, i've never met an ugly fabric i couldn't change. truth be told i could have worked with the fabric that was on the sofa, but...


i lamented for weeks over what fabric i wanted. i had a particular fabric in mind, but finding it was like trying to (insert joke here....all the jokes i thought of may offend someone...so LOL and pretend). i finally decided to jus use the same ikea drape panels on my sofa. i liked it. it works. its neutral, which gives me flexibility in case i want to switch a pillow out or two.

so here is the before.

now this after isnt as exciting as one may have hoped. no loud easter colors or sha bang bang titalee bang fabric. however, as a neutral base, that can transition in any space and decorating style, this fabric choice fits the bill.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
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