[mixology monday]

since there are so many new faces around i want to explain mixology monday.

mixology monday is my take on being a fashion blogger. although i am NOT a fashion blogger, per say, i do enjoy being well dressed. so every monday i take my liberty to put something together for you guys. most of the fits are from thrift stores mixed with full retail and discount priced items. it is also a way to keep track of ALL the clothes in my closet.
today i will share the details of what i wore on my appearence to the nate berkus show.
the shirt is the dexter broadcloth shirt in berry, by ralph lauren purple label. i chose to wear a saturated color on tv because i am dark skinned. even as a guy it is important to know what colors work well with  your skin tone. i get the most compliments when i wear salmon or light pink so it was an easy choice. i blogged about wanting the shirt here. i also blogged about it here and here. the dexter looks HOT pink, but it is NOT. it just appears that way under studio lighting. but hey it is what it is...and that's all there is. 

the black with white striped pants are from a suit i've own for about 6 years or more. 
the lapel pin was a thrift store find. i often wear pins for no reason at all. 
the cufflinks were actually found in NY the day before i went to the studio t record the show. 
the bowtie is a black and white polka dot bowtie. i wear a lot of bow ties, however, i have MORE neckties. the glasses were 50 cents from the salvation army. i know...crazy!

the double breasted black velvet and corduroy vest was made by my mother. she came up the weekend before i left for NY and spent time dealing with me and my pickiness. but she loved every moment. i mean c'mon...she spent time with her baby!!!
my mother has been sewing for well over 30 years. when my sister and i were younger of course we didn't want homemade clothes. as i became older i started to appreciate it more. mom stopped sewing for a number of years and when she returned she only made clothing for herself.
last year Momma GWH made this coat, hat and bag for herself. 
i was so appreciative of Momma GWH coming to do this for me. 

mom, i know you are reading this...so I LOVE YOU, not just for doing this...but because you are the world's BEST MOM!!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting