[mixology monday...on a tuesday]

i didn't post [mixology monday] on yesterday because i wanted to make the announcement.
i went home to visit family this weekend and sing with my home church choir. nothing exciting to hear me sing...lol. since sunday was the first day of spring i thought it would fitting to don the day with pops of spring colors.
i have 2 nieces and 1 nephew, but EVERYONE loves babies. so to up the cuteness factor on my blog, i figured she would do the trick...lol. love this little bundle of joy.
grey linen suit: murano, 30% off retail price
dexter broadcloth shirt in berry: ralph lauren purple, purchased at 65% off retail price
shoes: mezlan, 30% off retail price 
matching mezlan belt: full price (eh...i deserved it...lol)
thomas pink tie: $1.50.

big ups to my sister, who takes about a million photos every minute. she snapped these photos this past weekend. click here to check out her website, pinky snapshots.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting