[who knew...]

[who knew] marshall's sold ceiling light fixtures? i didn't.
(i have blogger ADD, so i will return to the dining table series tomorrow)
i went out last night to pick up an item off craigslist. i was poorly dress; had on a du-rag, some outdated hollister jeans and a dingy pull-over and no glasses. this was not my going-to-meet-oprah best, but hey it was just a pick-up.
i found my way into target only because i wanted the $1 popcorn. i didn't buy anything. when i finished my popcorn i got in the car and decided to bump around in marshall's.
walked in as usual and headed to the shoe department to see if i could get my chuck taylor fix. i did.
left there and went to men's then jaunted to home furnishings. i saw this creepy spider looking lighting. i thought it was a standing lamp turned upside down. but next to me was something similar, but oh so different. 

it was this
seriously...a pendant light in marshall's. i pulled it out and there was a piece missing. as always... i used my charm to chat with the lady sales rep. she called to the front so they could come back to knock something off for me.
as the manager was on her way, the sales rep said "let me go in the back to see if i can find it."

well she came out smiling and had the piece in her hand. i was happy. although the manager didn't proceed with offering me a discount, i was happy to have the missing piece.
(its always good to smile and be kind to sales reps. i worked in stein mart and i even got a $20 tip from a customer because i was so helpful. these are your friends so show some respect. #thatisall...lol).
the piece turn out to be inoperable. just for looks.

i really didn't need this fixture (well not right now), but it was one of those items i felt i would kick myself if i walked away. i can carry it to the next place.

as always i came home and looked online to get more information. i found out it was the ralph lauren ludlow double arm pendant (click here).

here is a picture of the pendant fixture in a nickel or chrome finish...not sure. 
retail is $550...mine was a good ole $149.

i am not sure if my ceiling is high enough. but i will try it out...
the one thing about shopping retail that u cant do with thrifting...is return for the full amount...
so what do you think?

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

but seriously [who knew] marshall's sold light fixtures!!