so pumped. excited. thrilled. honored. surprised. i could keep going ya know...

i am flying in to NY on wednesday to pow wow with Nate Berkus in his studio on thursaday for a second time.

i have been told by the producers NOT to open my trap regarding what the show will be about. however, this show will be just as amazing as the first one. i am so thankful...truly thankful that i have been asked back.

i have so much to say and my spirit is overjoyed.

if you are in NY and have a few moments on wednesday april 13, 2011, and want to hang out please tweet me. i would love to meet and greet and play a new yorker for a day.

on my first visit i didn't see none of the iconic new york spots. this time i am flying in at 6am and will do everything my chuck taylors will lead me too.

thank you to EVERYONE for all of your emails, tweets, facebook messages and comments. i have the BEST supporters in blogland.
and for the haters, its not to late to switch sides.

God, has given me so much favor and grace...i am truly truly thankful.

oh yea, i figured i could skip mixology monday to share this BIG news with you guys!!!!

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Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting