[new york city's green flea]

i must say these last three visits to new york have been totally amazing. before this year i had never been to new york. i had plans many times to visit, but for some reason it just didn't fall into place.

my most recent visit was longer and took place over the weekend which i am so happy about. when i am guest on the nate berkus show i stay at the lucerne hotel on the upper west side of manhattan. when i walked out of my hotel on sunday just to take in the city, i bumped into the green flea.

seeing that i am not from the city, i was totally unaware that this flea market has been taking place for well over 25 years. the abundance of artisans and various vendors, made this one serendipitous find (for me).

i even had the chance to meet a few twitter friends.

i dont have many photos because i had to leave to change my clothing, but here are just a few snapshots of the flea.
Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting