[mixology monday: Nate Show Edition]

first, i am so grateful for each time i get invited to be part of the nate show. having genuine support from many of you makes it even better.

if you missed the show you can click here and here to see the most recent segments. later on this week i will upload a number of videos that you can view at your leisure.

i always have the best time with the production assistants. their job can be so hard, but they keep a smile on their faces. shout out to all the production assistants!
this may be the only photo where you can see my teeth...
i know these shoes pop up a lot on the blog, but you must understand that these photos are taken many weeks apart. trust me, i have a lot of shoes. the producers are always amazing to work with. oh yea...someone thought my bowtie was leopard print...funny...uh no. its a silk paisley tie by ralph lauren. a similar version can be found here
it is always fun to be part of the nate show.

dont forget to set those dvrs for TOMORROW, as i will be back on the nate show tackling another "green design" living room makeover. 

dont forget you can submit an application to have a living room makeover by me and be on the nate show as well. click here for the application.

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