[mixology monday]

as this blog's author, this get up is probably a true representation of my [mixology monday] series. as stated before, i would love to be a fashion blogger. but i just don't have the wherewithall to devote to just that single part of my creativity. however, if i had a photographer around, i would reconsider.
be it may, i was this close to NOT wearing this on my last taping with nate berkus. although the bold colors and the layering may seem to be my style, which they are, there were a few uneasy elements. to start, i am wearing purple-plum pants. eh. some may say, "well gdub you've worn worst!" touche' oh wise one, touche'. i like them, just was unsure about them in context with everything else i had on.
[vest is thrifted, tie is from banana republic outlet, pocket square is from hugo boss, jacket is from h&m]

i think the shorten white piped navy blue jacket was probably the driving force behind me NOT want to wear it. a standard men's jacket, should rest between the tip of his hand and palm when his hands are cuffed when dropped by his side. i have never worn a short blazer.

[pants are from filene's basement and shoes are of recycled material including old tires]

i come from an honest place when i say this particular outfit was not planned at all. although the show has yet to air, when it does, you may notice my shirt isn't ironed. that is because i was literally putting this together in the green room moments before taping.

the pants were bought on saturday when i arrived to new york. they didnt have a price, but i knew i wanted them. while i was out on sunday, i passed a men's shop and saw the shoes. they were 60% off (perhaps this is why the man told me my carry-on had to be checked it. yes i did argue with him that my bag would fit. apparently he was right...cuz it had to be checked it.)
huh? you think the purple pants are a bit much? eh. no risk. no reward. as nate was walking to the stage he stopped to compliment me on this little get up. he also joked with the audience about our short blazers (certainly made me feel better). stay close to the blog so you will be the first to know when this recent taping will air.

if you are a photographer in the rock hill, sc or charlotte, nc area and would like to partner with me for future projects please email me, rashon@rashoncarraway.com.

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