[mixology monday]

i hope everyone had an awesome time yesterday. its a great opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest people on earth...our mothers.
i went home on yesterday to be with momma goodwill hunting, pops, my niece and nephew, cousins, aunt and uncle...well shoot...it was a big family day for us all.
suit: bill blass, shirt: thomas pink, shoes: mezlans
when i go home i attend the church where my ministry started. since i dont get home often, it is always a treat to see such beautiful faces and hear words of encouragement from people that have known me all of my life.
as usual when i travel anywhere, i omit something. regardless of how many times i check my bags before i leave i always leave some important  piece at home. on this visit home i forgot my cufflinks. i didnt fret because i have a mother who has a craft room. so without delay i started brainstorming.
it didnt take me long to find some felt ties and rigged them to resemble silk knots. i am not certain many recognized it. granted they are accustomed to me doing something out of the ordinary.
ties: ebay, pocket square: brooks brothers
i tend to wear a lapel pin with most jackets. since i left mine at home, i used one of momma goodwill hunting's huge needles and slipped a large bead on top and wore it as a lapel pin. it truly made a great statement piece. she liked it and i loved it. for anyone who questions my validity of wearing lapel pins click here.
now i have mentioned how crafty my mother is, so here is a picture my sister managed to capture of momma showing off a bag she made and monogrammed herself. yerp...i am one lucky kid to have such a great supportive and creative mother.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting