[thursday's thrifted treasures: wall sconces]

just like most designers and stylists, i have an itching to redo my space. well sometimes. perhaps sometimes. seeing that my living room has had a restyling it is only fair that my bedroom follow suit.
i know exactly what i want to do. all of the sources have been sought out. i am just waiting to for stuff to hit clearance.
while thrifting the other day i came across these wall sconces.  i think i like them primarily because they didn't need to be hardwired. as a renter we abhor things that are hardwired. well at least i do.
i saw these on the shelf and was hoping, one that they worked and two that they were on sale.
well number one they did work. number two they weren't on sale. however, i couldn't pitch a huge fit about the $8.99/each price tag. 
i think I am going to move the lamps from beside my bed and install these. its not a permanent fixture so i think it is worth the small effort. plus when i move, or buy a house, which ever comes first, i can always place them in the new spot.
do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting