[client project via SKPE]

on monday i launched a new DESIGN CONSULTATION via skype (or any other video chatting service). after having successfully  designed a number of rooms this way i thought it fitting to offer it to the public.

here is a preview of one of my recent client's project

BUDGET: $2000
REQUEST: "I'm drawn to purple, green and blue.  I am not a fan of red or black. I like mid century, hollywood and rustic.  I splash of tradition is OK too.  I want a room that says 'welcome'.  I don't want it be a showcase but rather a spot to sit and enj0y."

my client was set on benjamin moore's edgecomb gray for the walls. such a great color she chose. we kept her sofa and simply worked it into the design. to keep it fresh and inviting i decided on striped green pillows for impact and a bold blue graphic print for the drapes.
purple lamps are the perfect secondary color. there are also purple pillows that are added in as well.

RESPONSE via email: "I'm smiling. Let's talk. WOW I'm so psyched."

there are many other elements we discussed via SKYPE and email.

with her outgoing personality i cannot wait to see how she implements the design. many of the items needs have been sourced for her and other elements will be found at local second hand shops and local flea markets.

i am quite excited to see the complete project. 

if you would like a video design consultation for your modest budget room please look on the right side bar for the introductory rate and flier. you can also email me at rashoncarraway@gmail.com