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well everyone things are rolling right along for #iovethrifting day on july 9, 2011 i am so excited and even more excited for those that are joining to this great movement...

the event is happening everywhere...well almost.
here is a listing of cities and city hosts...to-date...

Rhoda Montgomery of Southern Hospitality, will be leading a group through a series of stores in atlanta and you can find the details here.

room service atlanta led by Dayka Robinson and Erika Ward will be heading up the other side Atlanta and you can find details here and here.

also in alpharetta ga, at queens of hearts Lisa Gabrielson will be giving gifts to those who come in wearing "i <3 thrifting" t-shirts or who simply say GDub sent me. you can click here for more information.
Gloria Fox of Potentially Beautifulwill be hosting a group in the roanoke, va area. you can click here  for additional details.
Shanika Pichey and a host of friends are putting a fun twist on the columbia chapter, but you're gonna have to click here to find out what that is.
 Katie Mac of The Mac Style has jumped on board early to help put houston on the map. click here to learn more.
if I could afford it, Id be in la, but since I cant and I wont, Hallie of the Glam Lamb has decided to head up the la chapter. follow her here for more details.
DeeAnna of A Little Junk in My Trunk will also be doing a tour of sorts in the denver area. click here for details.
Oh YEA! charlotte's group will meet at the habitat restore 113 N. wendover road at 10am. this is a co-hosted group and the details may change a little bit, but I will let you know.

new york, charleston sc, raleigh nc, canada, australia, florida, san francisco all have interested party goers and some have picked up shirts, but have yet to organize. if you would like to be connected with each other let me know. i dont just randomly share folk's email addresses.

if you have ordered a t-shirt and would like to be uploaded on the facebook page please send them to me. for the recap week i am looking for people, groups, couple, friends, fren-emies in "i <3 thrifting" from each location to do a recap. so make sure you have your shirts and are smiling away.


whenever you are tweeting about "i <3 thrifting" day, use the hashtag #ilovethriftng. this will allow others to check in to see what's going on and perhaps who may be getting together in their area. 

if you don't have a group you can still pick up and shirt, send in a photo and join the party.

did i leave a city off?
let me know in the comment section

is your city on here?