[a house i like]

well today i was supposed to upload a linky party so that everyone could upload their finds from "i <3 thrifting" day. despite my better efforts, i am just not that great with technology. unless its a button to press or an icon to click, i am clueless.

i am the guy that calls customer service for almost everything. i love electronics just like most men. its been about 2 years since ive been in my current place and i still havent figured out how to connect 1 of my 3 dvd players to my tv.

i know you may say thats just awful. perhaps, but i am also the guy the buys electronics and rarely uses them. i love my plasma tv...but most times its off.

where was i...
oh yes...

a house i like
i first saw this space here and wanted to see more, so i clicked here. now there are some fussy elements, but overall its a great space with a great story.

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