[anika noni rose and mr.goodwill hunting]

the most amazing thing that happened to me was that i had dinner with the beautiful anika noni rose. yes. you read correctly. i am a huge fan of her work. i really wanted to ask her to sing one of my favorite lines from dreamgirls, "lorrell loves jimmy." but i didn't want to be all crazy and stuff. 

so my niece is a huge princess and the frog fan, if you remember her cake from this post. ms. rose is such a great actress and vocalist. to have an opportunity to meet someone who admires your work, when they themselves are the epitome of excellence is nothing short of amazing.

she is a MAJOR advocate for social justice and equality. that made me love her ever the more! can you tell i am still on cloud nine? thanks so much ms. rose for reaching out to me, you made this southern guy a happy dude in new york. 

so what is one of your favorite moments from ms. rose on the big screen or on broadway?