[before THE REVEAL...]

i wanted to give you perspective on my thinking process about the schumacher chiang mai fabric i blogged about here.

the fabric in and of itself is amazing. every inch is saturated with color.

after sending off my fabric i came across this image that really conveyed my thought process. it is the schumacher fabric broken down into smaller pieces. unless one knows what the chiang mai fabric is, they would not know this amazing stationary set derived from it.
when you look at the above picture you can tell that various portions of the textile were carefully selected to highlight the plethora of patterns found in the fabric. as i type this i am almost inclined to say it is better in pieces, because you can appreciate all of the elements separately rather than everything getting lost in the whole.

yes. i am inclined to say it.

so on mon i will reveal exactly what i did with it.

UPDATE I've linked this post to Susan's Monday Metamorphosis Party


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