[a few changes around the condo]

on yesterday creative loafing charlotte came by the condo to do an interview with me regarding my home and my position on home design. i am so thankful to michelle of the fashion blog called the pinque blog who forwarded them my information.

i received the email while in new york a few weeks ago in the car traveling to the hotel. i like to give honor where honor is due (church talk). in my confusing state on twitter she kindly tweeted it was her. without pretense or without requiring a check, she saw fit to tell someone about me. now thats what you call blog love. its alright to say amen right here. amen.

now michelle and i instantly connected via twitter because we both have yorkshire terriers that look so much alike, both near charlotte and we both graduated from winthrop university. you will have to tweet her and follow her blog to see more of her amazing fashion and her lil guy.
since they were coming over, it was a perfect time to move things around a bit. remember those $5 frames and paper i told you about 2 days ago? well u can see they found a home above my sofa. i think the simple matted scrapbook paper adds so much life to my neutral palette. i intentionally choose a neutral base for this reason. 

the great thing about this gallery wall, is that for less than the price of a happy meal, i can totally change the colors and  mood of my space. 

i will return some time next week with the new layout of the living room.

what color would you choose if you had a few frames laying around?

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