[photos on friday...]

when i arrived to new york this past week, my hotel wasn't ready. so they upgraded me to a suite. that upgrade meant i could invite some people over to hang out with me. so i did.

if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you saw this quick flier i created.
this impromptu gathering allowed me to meet some of my online friends...IRL (in real life). how awesome was that?
mark the guy with the camera, first spotted me in new york at a store and asked, "are you mr. goodwill hunting?" luckily, it was me. we chatted for a "brief", so i invited him to hang out with me. kenny, is somewhat of a tech genius. he was talking about a lot of stuff that i, just didnt get. i nodded my head alot though.
twitter broke the news to me first, that it was this beautiful young lady, who you can call mj (the mayor), who was getting a makeover from me. i think i was really nervous upon meeting her, but everyone assured me it we would love each other. we did!
and guess who broke the news first? charmayne! lol. mayne' has been a loyal blog supporter even when the blog was a little quiet in the summer of 2010. yea, she reminded me of that.
you know there are always business savvy people at every get-to-gether, like cameron. always checking the crackberry to make sure they didnt miss a call from oprah. lol. i am very appreciative he came up from philly to hang out with me. 
most of my time in new york, was spent with chris. my design sounding board, for mj's room makeover on my next guest appearance with nate berkus. chris was a great help, with so many years in the design industry, i was really excited to have him on my team.
was excited to see my college buddy and fellow newspaper friend raynard, who actually lives in new york. he dropped by for a spell and chatted it up with me. like old times man...old times.
i was so thrilled to get an award from dez (you had to be there to get this joke)...lol. i didnt even have time to come up with a thank you speech. so i will do it now...lol nah. 
a big thank you to mark for capturing many of these moment for me while i was in new york. i appreciate it man. if you need some photographic work done while in new york, please be sure to get in contact with him. i will be uploading a few more shots during the meet & greet, by mark and dez, on the book of faces, be sure to "like" me on the book of faces, so that you can see all of them.

i will be back in new york again, very soon and we can do it all over again.
have a superb weekend my friends.