[the $30,000 loft]

as you know i am good at spotting a deal. a really good deal.

during the summer, i went to look at a loft that was very well priced. a few weeks later i got an update that another listing in the same building was for sale. so i went to look at it also.

the listed price for this loft was $40,000. ummm yea. i wanted it. i wanted it so badly that i was already conjuring up design schemes in my head. i was flipping through magazines getting inspiration. you know how it is when you meet that one person and you stay up all night wondering if they are staying up all night wondering about you too. no? me either. just thought i'd throw that out there in case someone had the feeling. lol
there is a great and perhaps sad story behind this loft. when the building was first converted in 2006, i believe, the units were bought up like...well, hot cakes. as the story goes a new yoker came down, bought a unit took an entire year to renovate it, new york style.
the specs on the unit read it as 3 bedroom 1 bath loft. however, this guy tore down walls and turned it into an open concept loft. u can imagine how i felt when i walked in. i was sold immediately.
there are 5 HUGE windows about this 1000 square foot plus or minus loft. it had a few issues tho. it wasnt in a great neighborhood, not a bad one either. it was in the cut, as many of us would say (meaning in a location no one would think to look).

i didnt exactly determine which way the loft was facing, but all these windows could be a good or a bad thing. good in that there were hardly no light fixtures in the unit, so the natural sunlight would be a major plus. the baad could be that if the sun is directly pounding my face on a saturday morning i would either have to get up or get some very expensive window treatments for thees 12 foot windows. 

i would be worth it.
the guy who previously bought the loft meant business. as you can see he made a few openings for a bar area. the new dining room is that room to the left of the picture. 

i know there are a few a lot holes that need to be patched. but this kind of blank canvas doesnt happen all the time. 
this area here is where the kitchen WAS. uh yea. the story continues in that after he renovated the unit he brought his wife down and she scrapped the whole deal. i dont know if he got married AFTER buying the loft or she just didnt like the area. 

so, when he left he took EVERYTHING with him. including the kitchen sink. as you can see this loft was down the the walls. BUT, that was selling point for me. i mean seriously i could quite possibly install my dream kitchen.

and then it was reduced to $35,000.
you see that window. i could most certainly whip up some scrambled eggs standing right there. 
i would have personally invested in removing these steps to the loft area. to me to take up some much inside real estate. maybe a pull down ladder or something. right there at the window would have been a pool table or dining table.

then it was reduced AGAIN to $32,000. i was ready to buy. just one tinsy winsy problem. i didnt have $30,000 lying around.
i called a realtor to find out how much it actually sold for. a whopping $29,500!

yes i still think about the day i first laid eyes on this place. i was smitten. again, i didnt buy this place. BUT at the right time, in the right place and at the right moment, i will get the perfect place. but ohhhh this one had me going..

am i the ONLY one who thinks this was just an awesome deal despite having no appliances, lighting fixtures and a few cosmetic issues?

if you are the lucky owner of this loft and need help designing the interior please contact me.