[do U want 2 B inspired? take a look!]

tomorrow is such a fantastic day. i will be making my fourth appearance on the NATE BERKUS SHOW  and revealing another living room makeover for under $300. as always these makeovers are full of tips, inspirations and amazing thrift store transformations. 

if you are at work or unavailable when it airs in your city please take a moment to set your dvr/tivo to record it and watch at your leisure. 

on tomorrow at 10pm east coast time, i will host a FACEBOOK chat where you can ask me questions and or leave your thoughts about the design segment. i will try to answer as many as i can for about 30 minutes...maybe more. 

if you just cant wait to see the makeover and want to see some of my previous work with nate, you can visit the VIDEO VAULT and watch as many times as your heart desires.

tweet the flier. share it with all of your friends. blog it if you want. but make sure you WATCH IT.

let's meet on FACEBOOK tomorrow and talk about all of the surprises during my segments and some of the straight awesome pieces i found.

to nate and all of your staff, thanks for the warm hospitality and the opportunity to share one of my gifts in your world.