[Lillie's Craft Corner: Happy 50th Birthday!!]

this is another installment of "Lillie's craft corner"

mom turned 50th this past friday. i have been talking about having her a big birthday bash since her last birthday. so i did. it wasnt as big as i wanted it to be, but it was spiritual with family and friends. that was the MOST important thing.

i am excited to tell you that she made her dress. nope it isnt chanel, gucci or a house of whoever, but it is a dress made with seasoned hands under 30+ years of sewing out of love and enjoyment.
mom looked AMAZING. didnt she? GO MOMMA! (she says that all the time).
if you cant tell, she is a true southern church lady.

that's my dad back there. he is mean mugging. but he is not mean at all.
my sister and nieces wanted special outfits, so my sister picked her own fabric and a pattern and mom put it together.

mom wanted me to let you all know that my nephew's suit was a thrift store find for only $3. a lil snug but for that price it was just right.
a big thank you to my sister, pinky snapshots, who captured the entire event for me. there are nearly 600 pictures but i wanted to share a few with you.

f you need a custom garment for any occasion, Momma Goodwill Hunting is definitely the person you need to speak with.

happy 50th Momma Goodwill Hunting!