[the MAKEOVER in photos...]

i hope everyone enjoyed my brand new makeover on THE NATE SHOW for season 2. i am so honored to be part of season 2.

many of you may not have had a chance to see the show. i know show times have changed in several cities and some cities no longer air the nate berkus show.

if you missed it or you just want a refresher here are the photos and the online videos are HERE and HERE.

did you pick up on the sneak peek i gave you HERE?

this one iCalled preppy chic.
*all photos are from www.nateberkus.com*

i hope you enjoyed the segment. i will be adding these photos to the FACEBOOK PAGE as well as PINTEREST so that you can use them for inspiration.


i welcome ALL OPPORTUNITIES to create a space for you. dont assume because you see me on tv that iAm not affordable or unavailable. lets have a discussion first.

no i cant do a room for FREE, but i can certainly give you quality service, at a great rate.

so tell me what was you favorite part of the makeover?