[NEW FEATURE: Lillie's Craft Corner]

every now and then i talk about my mother on my blog. she is my biggest supporter in every way. i would certainly attribute about 90% of my creative spirit to her. while growing up she made our clothing, she cross stitched and made all kinds of arts and crafts.

so from here on in, if you would indulge me, i will be featuring
lillie's craft corner will showcase projects mom has completed. she has a lot of great projects in the works so hopefully some of them will inspire you. some, may even be available for custom orders.
on yesterday i showed you guys this $10 suit i thrifted from the salvation army. while i was out, i also went to a few fabric stores. i pulled a few items. left them. brought mom back to see them. now mom couldnt quite see my thought process as i was pulling stuff, and had to take a second look to realize how great the trio looked. ahem.

i can certainly see a few more items made with these 100% cotton fabric. perhaps we will brainstorm a few more ideas and get back to you guys.
when we got home, mom and i came up with a little template...
measured it, cut it out...
and away she went on her sewing machine and this is what happened...
take a look at yesterday's post to relive the full $10 fit this bowtie accompanied. now i like my bowties to be 3 inches in width. no smaller than 2.5 inches. having a mother than can sew a bowtie in any fabric is choose is truly a blessing.

there will be a collection of bowties very soon, so stay close so that you can be the first to hear about it.

what you think?


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