[purging my closet...you might want these]

i was talking with tam of get it girl style earlier in the summer and we both agree that not being in a traditional job has caused us not to wear most of the clothes in our closet. its true. i was laid off in december and since then, the activity in my closet has really been dormant. so last week i started purging my closet. someone asked to see my closet on a few posts back. well here is a sneak peek.
first up. my closet is small. very small. however, it is very efficient. so dont expect this big walk in oprah type deal when i show u more next week. 

i noticed i had about 7 pairs of redish pants, 4 of the same bow tie, a number of cufflinks i havent worn in years and a few jackets that i wore only once. so i am letting them go. i will be posting quite a few items in the days to come but today
pair of vintage Saks Fifth Avenue red pants. made of cotton and are flat front. 
size approximately 34 x 34 ($30 plus shipping and handling)
corduroy jacket with 3 front pockets. two deep side vents. approximate fit is 40-42
vintage pair of carriage cufflinks ($20 plus shipping and handling)

as i continue to clean expect more vintage cufflinks, jackets, vintage pocket squares perhaps a few pairs of pants and certainly some bowties.

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