[$17,000 vs $75]

it is indeed true. while at the thrift store i found an amazing side board for my latest makeover with Nate Berkus
i have always said thrift stores can be a great place to furnish your space. who would have thought a baker cabinet would be sitting in the salvation army. waiting for someone to take home at a fraction of the price.
chris and i assumed the piece would be worth perhaps a couple of thousands of dollars. we were waaay off. like way off. look above and see for yourself. 
now i liked the piece as it was. however, the piece wasnt for me. it was for a "client." the most important aspect when i am designing a space for a client or a guest, is to make sure the piece is something they will love. this client was not a huge fan of dark pieces and she was really in love with shabby chic and french country design.

regardless of it is a few dollars or a hundreds of dollars it is important for me, as a designer to meet the needs of the client.

now that you've seen the proof..lets talk on it!