[a blog that inspires me]

the world wide webs is full of inspriation. while i admit it takes me a while to hit a good pocket of inspiration, there are a few sites i go back to time and time again, just to be inspired. this is one of them.
since i didnt go to new york fashion week or fashion night out in new york i wanted to get an up close and quality perspective of what happened. to my luck i stumbled upon the blog from me to you while searching hashtags #newyorkfashionweek on my twitter. when i saw the above picture in her recap. i knew i had to see more...immediately.

while there is much more that goes on behind the scenes of this blog, i was so blown away with the refreshing layout and the crisp, impact filled photos. as someone who loves to plan small parties with simple yet high impact, i have a huge admiration for these photos.
of course this young lady is a professional photographer living in new york as well as a lover of vintage fashion. how amazing is this vintage skirt she is wearing. while i know very little about women's fashion, i know exactly what looks good to me.
i took some time to go through her entire blog...again. the mood that evokes from her photos transport you to the exact location where everything is happening. well at least it does for me.
as i look at this image, my heart sinks a little bit. it reminds me of THIS
she captures so many great images of various fashion and runway shows that it is impossible for me to take it all in...in one sitting. 
with autumn already here in the south, when the leaves change colors that will officially let me know fall is in full swing.
to her credit, she has captured numerous celebrities and iconic personalities, which certainly speaks volumes to her caliber of work. however, it is the attention she gives each project that makes me fall in love with her art form of photography. 

from me to you i say thank you for inspiring me. if you want to be inspired as well, please visit her blog from me to you for many more spectacular images. 

please note that all photos in this post are from from me to you.